Saturday, July 2, 2011

Access SMART Notebook files from your ipad/iphone?

A while ago I was showing 2 Notebook files that I'd created to accompany JUMP math lessons to a group of educators out at UBC. The question came up of whether the SMART people were working on an app version of Notebook software. The flash files wouldn't work, but it's possible to create lessons without using those kinds of gallery items.

Today I came across this response from a guy who calls himself Rabsmo in the MacRumors forum:
"I think that I have discovered the best solution based on the software available so far. I use an iPad app called LogMeIn which allows me to log in to the classroom computer and control it using my iPad. This allows me to walk around the classroom and do everything I would normally do with the smartboard using a copy of the computer screen on my Ipad. You do need a wireless connection (WIFI) between your IPad and the classroom computer to do this but it allows all of the functionality of the smartboard from your Ipad. With regard to using the VGA dongle there are Ipad apps available that allow you to display PDF files and web sites but you will have to be physically wired in to the Smartboard which I think limits the mobility that the Ipad was made for. If you are interested in these apps go to the app store and type in VGA as a search keyword."
Feedback on the website indicates that this might be an expensive solution $30 fee for the app gives you only a month's trial. But it might be possible to use the app version of Join.Me which is a free screen sharing program which I think allows you to pass off the control from one participant to another. You might be able to share with yourself and with other students and all access the same screen (i.e. the Notebook file hooked directly from the school computer to the SMARTBoard) from individual tablets and phones.

I haven't tried either solution yet because I don't have a SMARTBoard at home to practice with, but if you get it working, please send some feedback via the blog response or Facebook.

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  1. Have you tried the app 'Splashtop'? It mirrors what's on your computer and IWB's screen to an iPad oover wifi - but more than that, it allows you to manipulate it all using the iPad's touch interface. All it requires is the purchase of the iPad app (normally about $10, now $0.99), and then the free download of its streamer software for whatever computer(s) you want to use it with. I have this one and have to say, it's awesome.

    Also, their other app 'Splashtop Whiteboard' comes with annotation functionality (removing the need for Smart/ActiveStudio Software), although this app isn't on offer - instead being around $19.99. Great cheap alternative to an interactive whiteboard though, if you just have a large-screened computer or projector. I'm pretty sure there'll be competitors to Splashtop with similar functionality, so it might still be worth shopping around...