Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 addtional ways to view Blogger content

If you're tired of the standard view of the wonderful Wilkes blog and want to enjoy a more dynamic viewing experience, use this URL (!/) and then use the drop down menu in the upper right corner to try all 5 options. Those posts which had no images show up as titles or summaries.

I think this could be a cool way to display class blogger content to to parents. If you were doing Scribeposts for math, one of the tasks could be to ensure there was a visual which represented the main idea uploaded directly to Blogger to help users recall the main idea behind. Younger students could scan artwork and use that to identify their posts. Before I stop, I'd better add an image to this post.

It's interesting to see the trend in use of visuals over the time that I've been writing this blog. I think I depend a lot more on videos now than I did when I first began.

Here are the links to the instructions to be sure your classes can access these 'dynamic views': All About and how-to.

BTW: I know that as EDIM students you're all writing and responding like mad. I'd love this to morph into a space to share ideas across class sections and across courses! If you or someone in one of your courses has written a blog post you'd be willing to share here, please let me know how to access the content, and I'll put it up. Just post a response here or in the Facebook feed. Thanks for the help.

Gmail Motion & Google docs Motion

Those people at Google have done it again --

Link to video: Introducing Gmail Motion


(to add action to real time collaboration and excitement to your presentations)