Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saving just a few pages from a pdf file

Have you ever wondered how to break up a long pdf file and save just a few pages? Today I"m beginning work on a project for the JUMP Math people.This video is long, but until someone edits a new one from several of John's training sessions, it will have to do. His main point is that the bell curve is a social construct that we have come to believe and rely on to justify failure of huge numbers of students to fulfill their potential to be good at math (video link). The information on JUMP Math starts about 15 minutes into the video.

I want to put some of the JUMP demonstrations into a format that will work on a SMART Board and attach the pertinent pages from the Teacher's Guide to the Notebook file. Some of their guides are over 100 pages. They are treasure troves, but because they're so long, a lot of teachers using JUMP without any training plunge in without reading the guides. The problem with that is the heart and soul of about how to follow the JUMP model is in those guides. Without that information, JUMP Math can come across as just another set of workbooks. Armed with the information in the guides you can transform math teaching and learning into an art that captures the imaginations of the kids and meets the goals of teachers.

JUMP is a charity dedicated to helping teachers and students bust down the barriers to math learning. The materials are free to download and share. It's possible to apply for funds to set up math camps for kids during the holidays and for action based research that will provide them with more data to help them understand what it is about JUMP that works.

Here's how I made a new pdf file with just 4 pages from the original (video link). [Please note: the last frame on the video just shows that I did my screen recording with an old version of Snagit.]

To highlight multiple pages, click and hold down your control key.

You'll need something like the free version of Cute PDF Writer or Printer installed on you computer so that when you save the selected pages in the document, the computer can create a new pdf file for them. There are a number of pdf programs out there but Cute is reliable and the price is right.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE 'pdf 995'. It just about killed my computer and was almost impossible to uninstall.

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